Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Camp week

We E
7/3/16   Bledisloe Park Monday

"Stomp stomp stomp squelch squelch squelch"said the ground. We just started walking! "GRRR" said my tummy. To get my mind of it I hummed a song in my head.Suddenly we stopped for lunch. I dived into my bag and tore out my lunch box. Mmmm!  Then we had a paddle in the river. Here is the river.

Then we hooped on the bus and drove to Kids Republic. First I went down the big long red slide.
This day is awesome!
We swing on the monkey bars bounced on the bouncy castle and did much more. Today I worked on the green hat. 

Day 2 Bzzz Bzzz said the robots (there real name is Ozobots). We raced them down the track they are really fast. We dashed over to the Imagens wow I did something cool*.
We made stuff out of Lego too. Today I worked on the white hat.


Day 3 Colour colour colour. We coloured in a picture of Inside Out. We raced to the hall where we dressed ourselves with leaves etc. Sorry you can't see it. Last but not least we cut up leaves and paper to make a big jungle. Today I worked on the green hat.

Day 4 
Pssss water shot from water guns. Splash water balloons tumble on to people. This was fun!
Next rotation slip down the water slide. I was dripping like I lived in a shower! For a year!
Then I got dressed sat down and started watching a movie. What? Our turn?! I didn't know we had 
one more. I got dressed and charged down to the pool. Today I worked on the red hat.


Ha ha camp day is today. We were having lunch and banging our conkers together. Before we knew it it was lunch. We made mini pizza and spores. Mmm. Then I had some lunch. I did a burp so loud that Bjorn and Alex woke up  and Danny laughed so hard milk snorted out of her nose! Today I worked on the blue hat.

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