Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Holidays (must read)

It was a butifel morning a pink and orange sunrise I was in a diferent bed today cause my beds going into our playroom cause I'm getting my mums and dads bed cause they are getting a new bed.
I know pretty complicated. I hoped up for breakfast. Poridge on tge menu today. I ate break fast and started moving there queen bed mine now I laughd evily. Later we got to play on our ipads for 20min 
I watched my 2 favourite YouTubers Dantdm and Alia. After we went to subway for lunch we got a kids pack. Then we bought tickets for the movies. We watched finding dory. After we made some masks from my favorite movie how to train your dragon 2. After we watched how to train your dragon race to the edge ep 18 19 and 20 the final ep. I was happy though because there will be a season 4 and 5.
Just when they toothles and hiccup were doing a triple turn barowrole attack we started a fire on our chimninanera I no a toung twister. At the end the queen of the defender of the wing no mistakes thats her name wad about to kill hiccup. After we had spores I went to sleep at 8.00 but i sleped at about 8.59.

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